Glass bead
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The primary purpose of glass beads in blasting is to remove

surface haze. The material has a high refractive index, making

glass beads a good choice for abrasive blasting. In addition, they

are easy to handle, and can be recycled several times. These

beads are highly slippery and are used in many industrial

processes, including machining and grinding. This article will

discuss some of the most common applications for glass bead


A glass bead is a solid sphere of glass that has good flowability,

chemical stability, and limited thermal expansion. It can be made

into any shape or size and is manufactured from colorless glass. Modern urban centers are

suffering from the urban heat island phenomenon. The exterior walls of buildings release large

amounts of waste heat, which is detrimental to the environment. This is why researchers are

developing retroreflective (RR) materials for building facades. A common main component in RR

materials is the glass bead. The diameter and refractive index of glass beads vary from one



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