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  * Article Placement

      - articles are placed in our blog sections

      - articles look extremely natural without mentioning of sponsored post or whatsoever

      - article are placed permanently on our blog section

      - articles are being formatted to HTML5 format by us and placed in the blog area

     - articles are usually placed up to 48 hours after receiving


 * Article Requirements

      - articles should be provided by the client/you

      - articles should be FOOTBALL related

      - articles should NOT be heavy advertising your clients website or features

      - we don't offer currently the ability to write the article for you

      - articles should be written in decent English language and grammar

      - image is optional, but it's good to have once the article gets indexed in Google News. If you don't provide image we will choose one for you.




  * Links details

      - please send link for approval prior writing the article

      - links in articles are do-follow

      - we do accept gambling and betting links, but articles should be FOOTBALL related. If you think you can place naturally a link in a football related article, then that's fine.

      - links per article should be limited to 2-3-4 maximum (preferable for SEO is 1 client link and 2 authority links and/or 1 internal link to article from our blog)

      - links should lead to an English-content websites. We don't link to websites that content is not in English

      - we don't offer the ability of posting links in already existing articles



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