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Link Type Do Follow
Max Links Allowed 2
Domain Authority (DA) 92
Page Authority 77
Moz Rank 7.7
Links In 7432391
Equity 4499569
Google Indexed Pages Check Indexed Pages
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Misc SEO Metrics SemRush Rank 147
SemRush Keywords num 2770071
SemRush Traffic 17884646
SemRush Costs 34678610
SemRush URL Links num 3285936
SemRush HOST Links num 326274956
SemRush DOMAIN Links num 342929865
Facebook comments 33475
Facebook shares 62873
Facebook reactions 21688

1. The post will be permanent
2. The post will be Google indexed
4. Promotional articles are not acceptable
5. Only TWO do-follow links are available per article
6. You have to provide at least 500 words, 100% unique, informative not promotional content
7. We can use only anchors like: click here, read more, this website, your website name, brand name


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