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SEO Professionals: Most Creative Link Acquisition Strategy

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In the world of SEO, acquiring backlinks is one among the highly crucial components, which at times can be hectic and time-consuming. In general, Google uses the backlinks for determination of the website’s quality, popularity, and ranking in the default search algorithm. Backlinking has existed for long and continues to serve as a popular way to acquire visitors. However, not every backlink is equal. While some are of high quality, others do not help your website as much as you would like it to.

But before we jump, skip, and hop to learn the tactics of Link Acquisition, let’s learn the basics of backlinking.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are the incoming links going into any webpage. When any webpage links with any different page, the process is termed as backlinking. Back in the days, backlinks were used as one among the important metrics for webpage ranking. A page loaded with backlinks used to rank highest among its competitors.

Backlink Glossary

  • Link Juice: When any webpage links with any of the existing articles/blogs/website homepage, it sends in the “Link Juice”. The link juice aids with article ranking while improving the domain authority. You can also stop passing this link juice with the use of the no-follow tag.
  • No-Follow Link: When any website links with another website but with the no-follow tag, this link doesn’t pass any link juice. A no-follow link is generally used when linking out with a site that is unreliable.
  • Do-Follow Link: All links added to your post are by default do-follow links. These links are capable of passing the link juice.
  • Linking Root Domains: This term defines the total number of live backlinks coming into the website you own from any unique domain. Even if one website is linked with you 10 times, it shall be counted as one given the source is single.
  • Low-Quality Links: These are the links which come from automated sites, harvested sites, spam sites, and even the porn sites. Such links can do more loss than benefit. This is the prime reason you should always be careful during the purchase of backlinks.
  • Internal Links: These are the links which emerge from a certain page to another in the very same domain.
  • Anchor Text: This is a text used for the process of hyperlinking and termed as anchor text. The backlinks with Anchor text works fine when one is attempting to rank certain keywords.

Now that you know the basics of backlinking, here are the best link acquisition strategies that can aid better ranking of your website.

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  1. Broken-Link Building Technique:

This technique is by far the best method to create proper one-way backlinks. To do so, you need to contact a webmaster or website owner and report all the broken links present in his/her website. In doing so, you can also recommend the owner some fruitful links to replace the broken ones. Of course, that list would include your own website as well. Given the fact that you are helping the website owner by reporting broken links, it increases your chances of backlinking your website over his/her platform.

So, in order to use this method, locate relevant websites dedicated to the niche of your interest with resource pages. Locate them by use of these particular search queries:

  • “Target Keyword” + Links
  • “Target Keyword” + Resources
  • Keywords inurl: Links

You can also install the latest plugin by Google Chrome named Check My Links to locate the broken links easily. Try to help but do not seem greedy when it comes to obtaining backlinks.

2. Backlinks via Infographics:

Infographics are among the popular techniques for diverting traffic towards your website all the while gaining some valuable backlinks. Moreover, they work perfectly as they are easy to share and understand. Visitors to your website surely love a glimpse at visual data. This is why the demand for infographics has increased substantially.

Make sure you pick your infographics after proper research. Every infographic you place on your website should include interesting and unique stories to be decoded by your audience. In order to curate your selection, make sure you follow the trending topics and scope for things people search for. Now, create your infographic with the use of this statistical data. Although infographics can be a bit expensive, they surely pay the price by acquiring you good traffic, especially when they go viral.

There are multiple infographic directories to submit your creations. Use those platforms and ask for proper feedback from professionals that can decode your infographic and explain if anything isn’t right with it.

3. Guest Articles:

Guest blogging can be effective when it comes to reaching new audiences. You can do this by publishing your articles over popular websites. This will help you bring your content in front of potential readers who haven’t ever visited your site but surely visit the site where you have posted your blog. This way you win more and more exposure. At times, it is more than just the backlinks. It is about increasing the online reputation and followers over social media channels.

With the help of guest blogging, you can leverage the existing relationships while expanding the audience base for your website. If you are someone new to the field of guest posting, you can always seek help from the Google Analytics Blog where one can post guest blogs and obtain better visibility for your website. However, you need to adhere to guidelines set by the websites for blogs that can be published as guest posts.

You can use these search queries by Google to locate blogs that accept guest contributors:

  • “Target Keyword” + Guest-Posts
  • “Target Keyword” + inurl: write-for-us
  • “Target Keyword” + inurl: guest-post-guideline
  • “Target Keyword” + bloggers wanted
  • “Target Keyword” + become a contributor
  • “Target Keyword” + want to write for
  • “Target Keyword” + submit an article
  • “Target Keyword” + Become an Author
  • “Target Keyword” + Contribute
  • “Target Keyword” + Now Accepting Guest Posts
  • “Target Keyword” + Guest Post By

4. Assess your competitors:

If you need a good amount of organic traffic, you surely need to be updated with everything your competitors are trying to surpass everyone in the market. Understand and assess their strategies via things such as social media platforms, link-building techniques, and earning techniques. Also, remember to read through their content and content marketing techniques.

This will help you learn from their mistakes or follow on their footsteps while creating your very own strategies. You can also look for tools that allow you to monitor the backlinks being used by the competitors.

5. Build Some Internal Links:

Internal links can aid you immensely when it comes to running a popular blog. They help in passing through link juice, plus you can also use the anchor texts for keyword ranking. With a well-structured internal lining all through the website, you can aid the users to easily navigate from one section of your blog to another which is related. This increases the overall experience for the user.

There are several tools available over the internet to aid you in creating automatic internal links to the blogs posted inside the website. This is especially true if you have a website operating over WordPress.

6. Promote the Content:

A perfectly crafted content isn’t going to get you any backlinks unless it is promoted in the way it needs to be. The internet sprouts hundreds of thousands of websites every day and it’s important that you practice methods that will help promote your content and surpass any competition. You need to reach out to people via social media websites or practice email outreach in order to promote the articles.

The best way to do so is to contact websites or bloggers that run weekly and monthly roundups. Additionally, you can seek help from Google and look for queries such as “Target Keyword + Roundup”. Make sure the results you pick are from last month or week. Contact the owners of the websites and explain them more about your website. If they like what you sell, you can pass them the link to your best writeup. If they love what you have sent, they might link back with you during the weekly roundup. Bloggers constantly search for amazing content, so it is assured that they will link back to you.

7. Write some testimonials:

An amazing method to gain quality backlinks, writing testimonials can aid your website a lot. All you need to do is spend some time everyday and your website can acquire a backlink from the homepage of any authoritative website. If you are one among the customers of their product, it is possible that you can acquire a link as an exchange for the testimonial.

8. Contact Bloggers and Journalists:

In order to acquire links for your website, it is important that you promote your business. The best way to do so is to plan an email outreach and contact the influencers and journalists popular in your concerned niche. However, locating someone’s email can be a challenging task. But, you need not be discouraged.

Here are some ways to locate some email address of influencers in your concerned niche:

  • More than 90 percent of email addresses used by websites and publications are formatted in a similar manner which looks something like this:

[email protected]

[email protected]

  • If the given formats do not work, you can use tools such as, Voilanorbert, or Simply enter the person’s name you want to contact along with the website they are working for.

Bottom Line

Earning high-quality backlinks can be challenging at times. However, with the right methods and resources by your side, you can take your website from zero to a popular name. Last but not the least, always remember that keeping the backlinks alive and running is as crucial as acquiring them. So, make sure you track your backlinks on a regular basis.

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