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How to increase the organic traffic of an e-commerce site in 5 steps

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If your online store does not take off and you are short of solutions to generate traffic to your website, all is not lost! Sustainable solutions exist to increase the organic traffic of an e-commerce site. Here’s how in 5 steps.

Step #1 — SEO audit and competitive analysis

When you decide to design or redesign your e-commerce site, it will be based on three essential elements: technical quality, editorial content and domain awareness. The SEO audit allows you to make an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses that determine your positioning in search engines. It also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. All these elements together allow you to list the actions to be taken to get the top of the SERP ranking, i.e. the search engine results pages.

The other big advantage of SEO auditing is that it allows you to measure the referencing effort required (and therefore the cost) to get ahead of the competition.

Step #2 — Creation or redesign of the website

Once the SEO and competition panorama has been defined, to create an online store or to redesign your e-commerce site, the choice of platform on which your website is distributed is decisive. Several ecommerce solutions exist according to your uses: World Class, Mass Market, Cloud or SaaS mode, Open Source…

The aim being to attract qualified traffic, your choice must take into account the quality of the technical aspects, the volume of visits expected and compliance with SEO rules. SaaS platforms are often not recommended because not all SaaS platforms provide access to all SEO parameters. On the other hand, Open Source solutions such as Woocommerce or Prestashop offer many additional modules that allow an optimization of referencing and therefore visits to the site.

Step #3 — Production of editorial content

Once your online store is online, you can start developing its visibility to increase site traffic. An effective SEO strategy requires the production of editorial content. That said, it is very important to focus on quality rather than quantity. And quality is above all about understanding your target audience and identifying their research intentions. It is the research intentions that must drive your keyword strategy.

Step #4 — Netlinking

Once your site has reached editorial maturity, i.e. with enough content deemed by Google to be of high quality, one of the most powerful levers to boost your SEO is “netlinking”. This practice allows you to obtain links from partner sites (also called backlinks) to your domain name in order to give it authority.

Thanks to netlinking, the trust index of your site and your content will increase, with the direct consequence of propelling it to the top of search engine rankings. Never forget that being in TOP 3 on a given request not only allows you to get 80% of the clicks, but also, unlike Google Adwords, to pay nothing for each new visit.

That said, be careful not to over-optimize incoming links and especially to have a sufficient volume of editorial content before attacking this practice. It’s all about timing.

Below is a case study that shows the importance and consequences of netlinking on e-commerce site traffic.

Step #5 — Monitoring and analysis of visits

Finally, once all your SEO actions have been programmed, the work to increase traffic to your e-commerce site will consist in setting up a “Test & Learn” approach. This will involve regular monitoring of performance, also known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and calculating the profitability of each of your actions to favour those that “fail” and improve or abandon those that do not yield any results.

We will therefore set up a dashboard of the state of referencing, look at transformation indices, analyse visits, monitor competition, but above all we will seek to identify natural referencing opportunities. Because very often these opportunities allow at low cost to obtain a very significant traffic improvement.

Keep in mind that SEO is a “living” material. Your e-commerce site must therefore constantly adapt.

If you follow these 5 steps, you will actually improve organic traffic to your site and potentially very significantly. For information by following these 5 steps we went on an e-commerce site from 0 to more than 12 000 visitors per month in one year. If you want to know more about it, you can consult on our SEO Agency website some examples of results obtained in natural referencing thanks to these techniques.

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